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About the Gallery

We purchased 100year old Edwardian Terrace House in 2012, renovated completely and moved in 2014.


The main object of house renovation was to keep the original features of the building and to create a spacious open area. Based on these objectives, I put labour of love and best effort to create my own dream castle into a reality. 

For few years, the rooms stayed pure white. I often wondered what kind of art should be displayed on these walls.


Then the Eureka moment happened.


 ‘I want to make the house into an art gallery.’

To create an art gallery inside the family home! 


I thought it was a brilliant idea.

My family will always be surrounded by the arts while we spend everyday life. 

Also the people visiting my house can see how living with art will look (or feel) like. I hope people would have the individual impression of their experience.

Mostly, surrounded by the arts and artists, I can offer a space where many people will gather and can connect to each other. 

 ‘The house where it creates a link for the people’


If I can make a space such as this, it will be great!  …. was the element for my idea and with so much more feelings that I can not describe fully in words, I have decided to open an art gallery in my house.



 Naoko Omura

 Chalice Gallery




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