Shoichi Omura

All Around Me
May 5-19 2017
Private View: 
Friday May 5th 6-10pm
Opening Time:
Sat. Sunday 11am-4pm
Weekday 11am-2pm
*Viewing by appointment

In this exhibition I put various effects on the photographs, such as making equivalent of printing plates with the printer for about three times, printing on Japanese traditional paper and some I have painted on the top of print, Also I have an old props which used to belong to my grandfather and there are many antique objects from my room. I have painted these objects freely and these are other series of my work. My art is about expressing the world how I see them through my eyes.   


It is the first exhibition I ever held outside of Japan.  I hope people will see, feel and have emotions towards my art creations. 

Shoichi Omura

Born in Sagano, Kyoto, he graduated MA Art Education in Kyoto Educational University. After working as an art teacher for 11 years, he start working with his father in a trading company and pursues a career as an artist. He recently works on paintings with pigment and black ink on Japanese traditional paper Washi, and photographs printed in Washi. 

List of the previous exhibitions and prizes


1990-1997 Kyoto Prefecture Exhibition, Finalist

1992-1994 Group Exhibition at Kyoto Cultural Museum

1994 Nara Prefecture Exhibition, Special Prize

1995-1997 Khodo Art Association Exhibition, Finalist

2016 Turner Acryl Gouache Biennale, Honor Prize