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 17-31 March 2018

 Private View: Saturday 17th March 2-5pm

Over 10 ceramic artists will stage 5 exhibitions during 2018, displaying ceramic items for sale.

Each exhibition will focus on a different genre of the ceramic piece.

March -Plates,  May -Bowels,  July -Vases,  October -Tea sets,  

December -X'mas show




Yasuko Arakawa

Lucia Fraser

Linda Barck

Ranjit Dhaliwal

E F Davies

Tarragon Smith

Lara Preti

Ella Bua-In

Chizuru Eagling

Mamiko Karasudani

Bisila Noha

Imahiko Kawamura

Toshiko I.

Margaret Rich




17-31 March 2018

 This series of paintings is mainly inspired by my time spent with my father who lives on a boat and has spent many years sailing around the west coast of Scotland. My parents separated when I was 11 years old so I would visit him on his boat during the summer holidays. The quality of light and the dramatic landscape left a big imprint on my memory so I am trying to capture this in my painting. 

Lucia Fraser is a London based artist specialising in painting and ceramics. Finding inspiration in the natural world Lucia creates work that is gestural and expressive. Her recognisable mark making transfers from canvas to ceramic in a fluid painterly style. 

Lucia paints using layers of acrylic and ink that she builds up and then removes, giving her paintings an ethereal dreamlike quality. Each piece is painted and titled from memory, allowing a freedom of form that often journeys into abstraction.  

Lucia studied BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Graduating in 2005, she has since exhibited her paintings and ceramics in galleries across the UK with solo shows in Liverpool and London.


Whatever I wander... Ink and acrylic oncanvas 124x80cm

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