Grand Opening

Friday 5 May 2017
Hide Takemoto
Contemporary Artist
Shoichi Omura
Kitchen 34
Mizue Kanazawa

Shoichi Omura

He is my brother. At the age of 42, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and at the time he left his art movement. However after several years since then, he realized his love for art was too deep to ignore and started his creation again. It is his first exhibition in London and he is looking forward to traveling from Japan. This exhibition is the first challenge for both my brother and me. 

Mizue Kanazawa  blog

Former product designer, love of food made her choose another path and she now owns the catering business as well as teaching popular cooking classes among Japanese living in London. She will create the food based on my brother’s art theme for the exhibition which is ‘All around me’. Will it be something to do with skeleton? Or perhaps food inspired by Jimi Hendrix? I don’t know how it will turn up but very much looking forward for her imaginative cooking.

Hide Takemoto website

His activity as professional guitarist is vast. His touch to the strings are so soft, he plays his guitar as if he is playing the harps. His sounds are very gentle and feel cherished. It is heavenly as if a spiritual being has come down and captures you. My brother, Shoichi with Hide’s music will play ‘performance art’ from 8 o’clock. It will be the great experience to see what will be painted with their corroboration.